Selsey Methodist Church

Welcome to the Selsey Methodist Church website. We are an active church of about 30 members living in or around Selsey in West Sussex.


If you are new to the area, here on holiday or wanting to learn more about God you are most welcome to join us for worship or any other of our events throughout the week.




We aim to be a church known...


    For the warmth of its welcome and the friendliness of its people;


    For its Worship: Reverent and dignified, using material, both new and traditional, in a way that is relevant to today;


    For its community of faith, deepened through prayer, study and fellowship;


    For its ministry as we become salt and light;


    To the community through activities open to all;


    Through its pastoral care to those in need or at special times of their lives;


    Through its service to the community.


If you would like to talk to someone about the Church please contact us. 


From August 2020 there is a new Privacy Policy in place for this website,  please view it fully on  &  follow links to Privacy & Cookie Policy.

 .... From Sunday May 16th 2021 we are holding 'live' Services.  Covid-19 regulations will be followed as required by Govt & Methodist Church.  

                Hands, Face, Space & Fresh Air are the 'guiding principlies'